Weather Policy


These weather policies exist for the safety of our runners and our volunteers. The policy describes various anomalous weather conditions and what actions you should expect if they occur. Please note that any actions taken as described below will be communicate via public announcements on-site, as well as postings on our social media facebook & twitter pages.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning – If we are under a severe thunderstorm warning, the race will be postponed until the warning is cancelled. 

Tornado Warning – If at anytime before (race morning close to start time) or during the event, a tornado warning is issued, the race will be cancelled.

Rain– The event will NOT be cancelled due to rain alone unless the downpour is such that athletes, police, and volunteers lose visibility or there is a threat of flash flooding, making situations unsafe. If this occurs we will wait until the rain subsides and follow the same procedure listed for lightning conditions (minus the 30 minute rule). Athletes will be informed of such a change via announcements on race morning. Information will also be available on our website, Facebook, and by email.

Lightning – In the event of lightning the race will be postponed by 30 minutes every time lightning is spotted and thunder is heard within 3 miles of the event. Please note that every time lightning strikes and thunder is heard within 3 miles of any part of the race course, we must restart the timing of 30 minutes increments.

If the race must be delayed over 2 hours, the race event will be officially cancelled.

On Course Cancellation – If the race is canceled due to storms (lightning and/or excessive rain) or severe weather warnings while it is in progress we will do everything in our power to alert everyone on the course. Race officials will immediately communicate with police and course marshals, who will immediately begin communicating event cancellation to all participants and direct them to safety. We will do everything in our power to assist those who are still on course. During the race, if you see lightning in your immediate proximity, please seek shelter via open building, park shelters and/ or any other means of protection from dangerous conditions. If it gets bad and we are not there to help you off the course please do everything you can to keep yourself safe and take shelter. Again, if you are told by a race official or police officer to reroute and take shelter during the race, know that the race has been officially cancelled.

We have the safety of our participants, volunteers, police and medical personnel as our top priority.

Please be aware that if weather conditions prevent race staff and volunteers from completing set up in a timely manner, the race could also be delayed for these reasons.

If the need for a cancellation arises, please be reminded that there will be no refunds of registration fees.